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Anthony Mackie photographed by Nicholas Maggio.

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all for kris | do not edit.

(140330) boa at incheon airport
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Emilie Ellehauge


Public School Black Textured Mid Top - Ssense Exclusive

Generic Man x Public School High Top PS Sneaker - Kith NYC


Seo Kang Joon - The Celebrity Magazine January Issue ‘14

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Women should dress for themselves, and eventually for other women, and only then maybe also for a handful of men. But they must step out of this outrageously sexed-up hell of signifiers; if they don’t, this junk will make them lose their self-respect. I advocate understatement. Search for subtlety, dare to pass as someone reserved, refuse the stereotypes of sexiness. That way, you will spread fever only where it deserves to be.

Jean Touitou of APC on why unsexy, understated fashion feels fresh via The Guardian

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Iron Girl.
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