Tran Duc Anh choreo to Drake’s “Hold On We Going Home”

This is SO smooth. 

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Kai - 131026~27 SMTown Live World Tour III in Tokyo - Centipede + COCO

Credit: Motion Picture Soundtrack. 

(fancam) 130804 exo @ busan music festival - growl (baekhyun focus)
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Exo performing Growl @ Suwon World Cup Stadium 130814

CL - 나쁜 기집애 (THE BADDEST FEMALE) Dance Practice (안무연습)

Anyone who’s watched enough K-pop dance practice videos know that dance practice videos are almost always better than actual MVs or performances: they’re stripped down, dancers and artists are comfortable in their own clothes, and nobody is trying to fake swag for the camera.

I can’t stomach CL in the music video or the performance, but she is on fire in this practice video. CL has gotten to the stage in her career where she’s become too aware of the camera when she’s performing as CL the Artist, but once she does this, she’s back to being Chaerin, who is so naturally charismatic and fierce that it knocks your socks off.

CL’s an amaaaazing dancer and mover, has a sick sense of rhythm and flow, which this song does poorly to illustrate on both fronts. She is a way better rapper than those 2 cent lyrics portray, and this set of choreo is one of the tightest routines YG has come out with in a while. But of course, CL being in YG, and YG being YG, all that stuff is diminished in favor for a fake, plasticky sheen that they think is a signifier for Bossness. Anyone who needs all that shit to come off as Boss does not actually know what being Boss means.

I also want to comment on how ridiculously similar CL and G-Dragon both are as performers. I watched this video a couple of times and it’s nuts how much she resembles GD. You can say she absorbed a lot from being around YG and seeing GD at work, but there are certain performer tics, mannerisms, and attitudes that you just can’t copy. So I think it’d be a mistake to say she copied GD’s style, but it just so happens that these two people share an incredibly similar performance style and charisma, and I hope whatever solo material CL releases in the future will be worthy for her abilities as a performer, as GD’s has been for him.



Wan Ting Zhao and Daniel Deivison Oliveria in The Nutcracker, San Francisco Ballet, 2012.

I love this picture because I have never before seen a ballet related photo were the “couple” is interracial and none of them are white.

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