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I love this mannerism of his so much.





onho impersonating taemin’s solo dance in replay  <3

When Sulli calls Minho for advice

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Indirect kiss. 

Idk what makes me squeal the most, Minew indirect kissing or Jinki flawlessly scoring Minho’s mouth

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The Misconceptions of Gatsby: “Great Gatsby” x Shinee, A Damn Good Pairing »

Yeah this happened f’realsies. A bunch of songs off “Misconceptions of Me” work really well with the Gatsby-verse, so I dorked out and wrote about it.

I mean, I even photoshopped Leo’s head onto Shinee’s cover! So go read it :D


High Cut, 2013.

changmin won 5-4 afterwards though. minho…have you gone crazy?

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Key on Minho’s acting in To the Beautiful You

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Anonymous asked: For contrast. Minho should have debuted as a soccer player.

Is Minho any good at soccer? Are people conflating athleticism with being good at soccer?! No I don’t think he should’ve debuted as an athlete, he clearly likes being — and is welcomed as, is very popular as — an entertainer.


Onew extends his hand and Minho receives it. Honestly. What is that. what. is. that.

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