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kyungsoo showing off his “ice fist”

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gun! gun! kick! | do not edit.

how kyungsoo holds his drink

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sehun = perfect height for kyungsoo 
(ft. chin on shoulder & arm squeezing)

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Title: Kyungsoo Live Compilation Artist: 도경수 44,097 plays

Kyungsoo Live Compilation (10:04)

  • Billionaire (feat. Chanyeol) at Sukira (x)
  • The Last Time (feat. Jongdae) at Sukira (x)
  • Open Arms at After School Club (x)
  • Officially Missing You (feat. Chanyeol, Kris and Yixing) at Hong Jin Kyung 2pm Radio (x)
  • Peter Pan at Sukira (x)
  • My Lady at Sukira (x)
  • Missing You at Sukira (x)
  • Sunday Morning (feat. Ryeowook and Jongdae) at Sukira (x)
  • 想你的夜 at Happy Camp (x)
  • Love (Musiq Soulchild) at Yoo In Na’s Volume Up Radio (x)
  • Nothing On You (feat. Chanyeol) at Sukira (x)
  • Goodbye Summer at Sukira (x)
  • 죽일 놈 (Guilty) (feat. Chanyeol and Kris) at Sukira (x)
  • Missing You (feat. Ryeowook) at Sukira (x)
  • XOXO (feat. Baekhyun) at Mnet The Music (x)
Download Link (20:32) (x)

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Make way, squishy coming through

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Krisyeol making fun of Kyungsoo’s height

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Kris’s most shocking moment with D.O.

maybe not

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kyungsoo and sehun casually having a conversation in the middle of the performance

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