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yes we love your butt

He knows.

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Junsu, control yourself 

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6/50 of Kim Junsu ; when a fanboy comes to a fansign … 

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Elisabeth wins Best Musical Award
(and Kim Junsu, please control your face)

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19/? Junsu for archietheawesome
Eu kyang kyang

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fangirl problems

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Anonymous asked: Junsu should've debuted as a soccer player instead.

Disagree. He might love playing soccer but he is MADE to be a performer.

Anonymous asked: Junsu is way too old for Chunsa Junsu. His aegyo is overrated.

He IS too old to do Chunsa Junsu, but he never does it with anything but hate and contempt anymore, which makes it even funnier, so disagree on the first part.

As for the second, do people even like his aegyo? In any case, probably agree.

Anonymous asked: Hey, now that you mentioned it, do you think Yoseob and Junsu perform in a very similar manner? They make these expressions and have similar head shapes that's big, lol. What do you think of Jonghyun's stamina as a performer?

Interesting that you brought it up, but no I’ve never been reminded of Junsu when I watch Yoseob perform. Baekhyun, on the other hand, does remind me of Junsu.

I initially put Jonghyun on the list but I took him off. Not because I don’t think he has great stamina, but more like … I think SM is legitimately wrecking his voice and he’s doing things to his voice that I don’t think singers should, and it’s straining him a lot. And at this point it’s not even about getting a note, it’s like SM makes him reach for a new universe in the notes he has to execute, so when he can’t, it’s less a matter of stamina and more about just him reaching a limit he has to reach.

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