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Junsu어제 디셈버를 보러와준 내친구 혁재..이젠 은혁이지만ㅋ 난아직도 혁재가 편하다.

서서름없는..둘도없는 내 친구!!지금도 너와있으면 산타클로스를 믿던 초등학생때로 돌아간듯 하다…항상 미안하고 고맙다.

[Trans cr: AllriseXiahtic] My friend Hyukjae who came to watch my musical yesterday.. Although he’s Eunhyuk nowㅋ I’m still more comfortable with Hyukjae. My friend that I have no boundaries with.. the only one in this world!! Even now, if I’m with you, it feels like I’m back to those days when I was a primary school kid who believed in Santa Claus.. I’m always sorry, and thank you..


Junsu did it again…

131016 Proud-Genie Time-XIA Incredible in Yokohama

Last time, Junsu sang [x]

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I’ve heard them say this before. When they’re alone, they act like their age of early, mid-30s, but when they gather together as Shinhwa, they act like high school students. Because that was how they grew up together.

- Xiah Junsu on Shinhwa, from July’s Marie Claire

cr: 플레이아데스 @ 6senses

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Kim Junsu: Easily amused by his own fans

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