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I don’t know what’s going on here but something FABULOUS is happening with his hair. Yoseob knows it too.

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On a scale of Baekhyun to Dongwoon, how calm are you when it comes to flying insects?

I love these stupid gif compilations of people freaking out in the presence of bugs because it totally validates my own extremely pathetic response to ze buggies.

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Finally Xiumin found out that nickname suite with him really well. ^3^

Onew trying to ninja shuffle is one of my favorite things.

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Chanyeol saying “bye bye” to a woman who doesn’t even know he exists

and her reaction: “keeps reading carefully”

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Look at Kyungsoo being the jpeg in a gif

This is the best line I’ve ever read on the internet.


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linkin generation

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Fanboy holding an umbrella for Chanyeol 

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