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(fancam) 140415 comeback showcase - overdose (baekhyun focus)
polarlightdo not re-upload, do not modify.

140415 comeback showcase - overdose (kai focus)
kimkai | do not re-upload, do not modify.

bunnynuna | do not edit.

the members stopping time for sehun

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all for kris | do not edit.

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exo’s official website intro update - comeback logo ( exo-k / exo-m )


- i was laughing so hard during the basketball game i almost cried

- lukai is still going strong

- 넌 먹지만 말말고 좀 해! LOL. exasperated kyungsoo is the best.

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krisbaek patting the trophy

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Whoever created this was a genius.  The beat and the dance go together SOOOOO well.  And the fact that Primary even talks about EXO, saying, “I’ll growl like EXO, a wolf that walks this flashy night” is too cool!!

*sorry for the quality but this video was originally from a Korean website and I guess when another person downloaded it and then reuploaded it onto youtube, the quality went WAY down*

Track Title: I Got C

Artist: Primary

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