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oh i see you cho kyuhyun winking at donghae i c u

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henry is clingy!hae’s favorite.

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Dear father… It’s already our 6th album father^^ It’s something I realize everyday, but time really does fly…I’m already 27 years old ^^ I wonder how you’d be like if you were still alive?? I imagine it everyday!~ You would have a lot of white hair growing out, more wrinkles on your face, and I think you would’ve gained more weight ^^ hehe I wonder if I’m becoming more like you as I grow? When I was still little, everyone used to say that we looked very alike when we walk around holding hands… hehe I’ve changed this much and I wonder how much you’ve changed, I miss you, and I want to hug you ^^ Sometimes I miss you so much that I think about you and wish that you would appear in my dreams tonight! You’re not sick but healthy right?? (I’m) Going around from one place to another in this world and working hard, so don’t worry !! Even in the future,I will be a son who will work harder and not feel down/exhausted but go further. Thank you for being by my side, holding my hand and keeping me in your arms!!^^ As usual, what I say today while looking at a picture of you… ” I love you father!!” (cr: teukiebiased)

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Donghae: When I first met BoA during a camera cf, my impression was that she was a huge senior, so she appeared to be very big.
BoA: You’re saying ‘big’ as if I’m tall. Donghae-yah, you’re not that tall either.
Donghae: Well first off, people can find her to be intimidating. But if you get to know her, she really has a delicate heart, and she really needs a lot of love. She becomes lonely easily. BoA’s a huge senior and such an amazing one at that, so it seems like it would be difficult to approach her, but once you get to know her, she’s very kind and such a good kid, and you have to take good care of her. As a friend, I’m trying to do that too.
BoA: Yah, when did you ever take care of me?
Donghae: That’s because you only play with Heechul and Siwon!
BoA: Donghae, as a person, it’s like I understand him but at the same time I don’t. He has such a way with words, and he’s an impressive friend, but I wish he would look after me well.
Donghae: I do and want to, I just wish you weren’t so busy.

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