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Anonymous asked: What do you think DBSK's future looks like? It seems like they're at a standstill for me. They're not really doing anything new and I get second hand embarrassment watching their new music videos. It seems like they're trying to branch out into acting and variety shows but I just can't watch Yunho act. So yeah...I have no idea what their future looks like...

You mean HoMin, right? I think they’re sort of done growing as artists. There’s nothing left for them, and I’d rather they just stop putting out music. And if they must put out music, put out music that’s tailored to Changmin and Yunho specifically, even it if means they have to promote as solos, because they’re still hanging on to a musical sound and image as if they were still the DBSK of five years ago and obviously that’s not going to do any of them any favors. 

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Yunho noticed that the interviewer was nervous and using her dialect, then spent the rest of the interview being super nice to her :)

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omg chunface.

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MC: The last time you two did a concert here, did you go to any store in Osaka?

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  • MC: Why do you always look at Yunho when you're answering questions?
  • Jaejoong: That (laughs while covering his mouth)… Because he's our leader so I have to watch how he responds
  • MC: Ahh~ Jaejoong's guilty conscience. Would you get your salary deducted by the company if you said something inappropriate?
  • Jaejoong: It's one of the members' habits… Also, looking at Yunho boosts my confidence
  • Changmin: I'm used to looking at the ceiling
  • Junsu: Is that because you see Yunho hyung's face on the ceiling?

Anonymous asked: I haven't been following DBSK in a while and was wondering if I should look at their Japanese or Korean releases first. Also curious about any differences regarding their promotions in Korea and Japan :)

They put out much more coherent Japanese releases. Their “T” and “Secret Code” albums were pretty amazing, and HoMin’s “Tone” was also pretty good. They just basically have a great Japanese discography, most of which I love. Like seriously, I love so many of their Japanese songs.

Their Korean discography is much smaller compared to their Japanese one, and I can’t say I love any one album a lot, but there are some songs I love out of sentimental value. 

Girls, it’s not embarrassing to eat. It’s only embarrassing when you refuse to eat.

Shim Changmin, TVXQ (via sleepy-hyukjae)

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- this level of perfection can only be reached by these 5 men.

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