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Nothing comes close but you’re a choosey lover.

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This ish is gonna be nuts. MARCH MADNESS: Seoulbeats Style.

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Junsu어제 디셈버를 보러와준 내친구 혁재..이젠 은혁이지만ㅋ 난아직도 혁재가 편하다.

서서름없는..둘도없는 내 친구!!지금도 너와있으면 산타클로스를 믿던 초등학생때로 돌아간듯 하다…항상 미안하고 고맙다.

[Trans cr: AllriseXiahtic] My friend Hyukjae who came to watch my musical yesterday.. Although he’s Eunhyuk nowㅋ I’m still more comfortable with Hyukjae. My friend that I have no boundaries with.. the only one in this world!! Even now, if I’m with you, it feels like I’m back to those days when I was a primary school kid who believed in Santa Claus.. I’m always sorry, and thank you..

Happy 10th anniversary to Dong Bang Shin Ki & JYJ! ♥ #동방신기와10년

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Anonymous asked: What are your top ten DBSK songs?

1) Stand By U

2) Doushite

3) HEY! Don’t Bring Me Down

4) Mirotic

5) You’re My Melody

6) Hug (a cappella vers)

7) Begin (a cappella vers)

8) The Way U Are (live version from FITB con)

9) Promise (bossa nova vers)

10) Survivor


Junsu did it again…

131016 Proud-Genie Time-XIA Incredible in Yokohama

Last time, Junsu sang [x]

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“It’s hard to explain what those two people are in my life because they mean so much to me. Nothing can compare to them. They’re kind of like my arms in a way. You can’t live without both arms, right? Like that, I’m able to live because I have both of them by my side.”

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Throwback: DBSK’s “Survivor” at Tokyo Dome. This performance came after they had performed more than 20 songs on their concert setlist. Twenty, and the performance was still clean and strong. (Minus Yoochun who was clearly suffering a little, but Yoochun at that point was already a lost cause.) Fucking masters.

(One of my fave DBSK perfs of all time is actually their "Survivor" performance on Music Station, which TV Asahi has pretty much succeeded at keeping off the internet. [Congrats, muhfckas, want an award?!])


14/30 DBSK edit challenge - Edit of DBSK and other groups : Mirotic chin dance
Hold your chin, and make the expression that you are the best

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