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(140411) boa at the ‘make your move’ love letter showcase
© gimme a hug

(140330) boa at incheon airport
© boa19

boa - shout it out mv

131019 | boa at sm town live ‘13 in beijing
© sina

Throwback: Boa performing Bad Drive on her 2008 “The Face” tour

boa in the july issue of glamourous
© boamai

130525 | boa at ‘boa special live 2013~here i am~’ in daegu
© boarang

Poster for BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I Am~ in Taipei, Taiwan, on May 18th 2013 at 7PM
© superdome

© hyundai


Everyone~~~~ I will be sent as a gift ^^


130113 | when boa’s group dances to ‘the boys

Kpop Star, January 2013.

121123 | boa & sehun at sm town live ‘12 in singapore
© thewindblows


BoA patting Sehun’s hair


Taemin whispering to Boa, and both smiling after. 
; requested by maybe-07

(via 1000noteskpop)

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