art by obsidian (Wooh NaYoung)

Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Wild Swans, Red Riding Hood, The Snow Queen, The Wizard of Oz

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Phenakistoscope, England, 1833

Phenakistoscope, England, 1833

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Nature and Noise: Photography by Anna Marinenko

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A little experiment with resin. They will be made into magnets.

The fish are made from polymer clay and the “water” is resin. The octopuses glow in the dark.

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'Art isn't meant only on walls and high end galleries.'

Just discovered the beautiful artwork by lovelimzy

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writing reads: There are so many rules. In and beyond my mind. If there’s one place I refuse to adhere to any it’s paper. I will protect this space with ferocity.



Brazil, Curitiba-based Art Direction Butcher Billy (tumblr) - "The visual experiment ended up bringing different results to each piece - from giving a whole new meaning to the picture by modifying the original concept, to reinforcing the same idea by making clear just how the elements were influenced by the history depicted in the photos, or even saying a lot about the psychology behind fiction and reality. While we see the contrast between the black and white photos and the colorful vintage comic books elements, it’s interesting to notice how the superheroes and supervillains world was actually "black and white" in a metaphoric way, while the strong war scenes are established in the real world, where the grey shaded line between good and evil isn’t always clear."

  1. Original: by Joe Rosenthal, 1945, Iwo Jima. 
  2. Original: “Falling Soldier”, Spanish Civil War, 1936, by Robert Capa.
  3. WWI, photographer unknown.
  4. Original: “General Nguyen Ngoc Loan Executing a Viet Cong prisoner”, Vietnam, 1968, by Eddie Adams.
  5. Original: “Napalm Girl”, Vietnam, 1972, by Nick Ut.
  6. Vietnam War protest in Philadelphia, back in the 70’s. Photographer unknown.
  7. American Soldiers Blowing Up a Japanese Bunker - Original by W. Eugene Smith, Iwo Jima, 1945.
  8. Original by Max Alpert, depicting WWII Battalion Commander A. Yeremenko leading his soldiers to the assault.
  9. Original: “Raising a flag over the Reichstag”, World War II Battle of Berlin, 1945, by Yevgeny Khaldei.

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Fab artwork by Liniers, read here his full story
New cover The New Yorker

Creative Director Wyatt Mitchell


An evening attempt to draw “people”