This post is dedicated to the cuteness of baby otters

Baby otters always look like they’re about to ask to speak with your supervisor, but in the cutest way possible.

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where she get her falsies from?

dis bitch got better lashes than me? ala??

makeup aspirations

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"Otters have a skin flap that forms a pocket so they can keep their favorite rock with them. They use this rock to break open mollusks when eating. Some otters go their entire lives carrying the same rock!” source

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I interrupt my frequent unhappy rants about my low self esteem, panic-inducing lifestyle and all the ways fandom craps on itself to bring you ducklings in dresses made of cupcake papers. Ok. You need this. Shut up and accept that you need this.

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Sauron made friends with a Toad!
At first, I thought he was going to kill it. But he just started petting it. Not, swatting at it, and not trying to hurt it at all. They ended up just layin’ and chillin’ together for awhile. Then the toad went on his merry little way. Too cute haha! 

Worst predator. Cute, though.

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This should be on everyone’s dash, when they’re having a bad day…

Anyone having a bad day? :)

I was at the zoo the other day and there was this fucking goose trying to act likE A FUCKING FLAMINGO

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I turned 1 on June 18th! Here I am with my custom grilled birthday turkey burger!



A tiny pig eating an ice cream on a tiny bench under a tiny parasol

For anyone else having a bad day.

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