Can we talk for a sec about how Luhan’s career is basically an actual manifestation of many non-Korean K-pop fangirls’ fantasies?

Prior to debut he gushed about DBSK, and applied to the JYP auditions with the same gusto shared by many fans who dream of getting into the idol biz after being infatuated with K-pop. He went to Yonsei to study Korean (just substitute this part with “to teach English,” “to study abroad” for a lot of K-pop-fans-turned-Korean-culture-fans) and then he was scouted off the streets by a casting agent.

Then he became a trainee, after which he debuted, and now he’s an artist alongside one of his most admired groups, and you can almost see him doing inner backflips when Yunho goes over to give the group a pep talk.

You cannot even write better fanfiction than this and Luhan is living it, people.

(via qorea)