Derek Jeter salutes the crowd prior to his 14th and final All-Star Game

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"In my heart of hearts, I wanted to do the right thing, but selling drugs was easy. Everyone was doing it. I mean, I’m not using that as an excuse, I made my own decisions. But I grew up around these Robin Hood figures who would sell drugs, then buy supplies for kids who were going back to school, or pay rent for an old woman who was about to get evicted. All my friends were doing it. It almost seemed fashionable. I never felt proud of it. I always thought I’d transition to a job with the Transit Authority, or a job like this— something I’d feel good about, but instead I transitioned to jail. I did six years. When I got out, it was tempting to go back to the easy money, because everyone around me was still doing it, and I couldn’t get a job. But luckily I found an agency that helps ex-cons, because there aren’t many companies looking to give people a second chance. I’ve had this job for a few years now. You know what product I’m selling now? Myself. Everyone around here is my client. Times Square is a drug to these people. And I’m picking up all the trash so that they can have the full Times Square experience."

“I used to be Team Piz, because over the series he treated her better. I was there every episode. I saw that crazy shit Logan pulled. After the movie, I’m back on Team Logan again – and I would like to see them team up and fight crime together.”
— Kristen Bell (via veronicamarsnews)

(via veronicamarsnews)


He seemed a bit intimidated when I approached him, and nodded meekly when I asked for his photo. Then he stepped back, paused for a second, and did this. He held the pose for about ten seconds, snapped back to normal, then continued on his way.

How can such a noisy, high-octane song elicit so little response? The answer is, because #whitepeople. This has got to be one of the most awkward performances I’ve ever seen.